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In a previous post, we wrote and published data that shows the number of children between 0-14 years living with HIV/AIDS in Africa. That data showed that Nigeria has the highest number of children living with HIV in Africa, making us ask the question “why are preventive measures not out in place?” and “why are Antiretroviral drugs not accessible to the children living with HIV?”

In a recent data by United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), we see where the initial problem of large comes from. The data shows that 180,000 Nigerians are living with HIV/AIDS, tying with South Africa which also has the same number of people living with the disease. The total number of Adults living with HIV in the 20 countries listed below are about 790,000 which doesn’t account for other countries not listed here in Sub-saharan Africa.
This brings up the question, what are we really doing to curb the spread of HIV? Are the current preventive methods working at all? Isn’t time to rethink our approach to Health issues in Nigeria and Africa as a whole?

S/N Country Annual Estimated Deaths
1 Nigeria 180,000
2 South Africa 180,000
3 India 68,000
4 Mozambique 39,000
5 Tanzania 36,000
6 Kenya 36,000
7 Indonesia 35,000
8 Cameroon 33,000
9 Zimbabwe 29,000
10 Uganda 28,000
11 Malawi 27,000
12 Côte d’Ivoire 25,000
13 D.R. Congo 22,000
14 Zambia 20,000
15 Brazil 15,000
16 Thailand 14,000
17 Ghana 13,000
18 Angola 12,000
19 South Sudan 12,000
20 Lesotho 9,900

SOURCE: Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)

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