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For the first quarter of 2018, Nigeria acquired about 4.7 trillion naira in the global exportation of both crude oil and non-crude oil products.

Netherland came tops as the number one export destination in Nigeria. Accounting for over a fifth of Nigeria’s total exports, Netherland procures approximately 570 million naira in crude oil and 400 million naira in non-crude oil products. However, the largest crude oil export worth over 780 million naira was to India, Nigeria’s biggest crude oil buyer since 2015.

In non-crude oil exports, South Africa dominates with purchases worth approximately 530 million naira.
The top export destinations in Nigeria for the first quarter of 2018 are Netherlands, India, Spain, United States, France, South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom, Indonesia and Italy.

Here’s a concise view of the data below:

Rank Country of Destination Value(₦)
1 Netherlands 963,474,628,891.57
2 India 853,697,785,594.44
3 Spain 391,685,721,694.78
4 United States 386,927,330,423.94
5 France 297,938,268,852.12
6 South Africa 196,779,159,481.96
7 Sweden 195,337,080,877.00
8 United Kingdom 145,631,745,355.38
9 Indonesia 137,872,924,944.48
10 Italy 111,495,194,425.20
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