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Rape incidents have been consistently on the rise in Nigeria. In 2017, a total of 2278 cases of rape were recorded. Lagos state alone accounted for over 19.35% of rape in Nigeria with 441 reported cases. Kano state recorded 237 cases, FCT-Abuja recorded 132, Abia recorded 98 while Borno recorded 97. These five states alone accounted for almost half of the total rape cases in Nigeria.

The states with the least rape cases recorded were Kogi with 11 cases, Edo with 10, Rivers with 5, Katsina and Osun state with 2 cases each.

Rape is a gruesome experience and its likely victims are young females between the ages of 8 – 24.  Many rape victims never fully recover from the experience. Its adverse effects still reflect in the victim’s life even years after the event has occurred. These effects manifest as depression, withdrawal, bitterness, mood swings, frequent lashing out, body mutilation, hatred, to mention but a few.  Many turn out as criminals, sex workers, child molesters and rapists.

Rape victims are encouraged to speak out and overcome the urge to hold back. Doing this will ensure that the offender is arrested, prosecuted and duly punished. Also, victims can be counselled and guided on how to forge ahead and live beyond the pain of the incident.

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