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Armed robbery is an attempt to take possession of anything valuable by force or threat of violence. The most common forms of armed robbery in Nigeria are home robbery, car robbery and bank robbery. Recently, cars stuck in traffic, malls and stores are very often the target of many robbery attacks.

In 2017, Nigeria recorded a total of 3,525 armed robbery cases. This is a 36% increase within the last two years where 2,241 robbery cases were recorded in 2015. Accounting for 16% of this total for 2017, is Rivers state. This state is terrorized by the largest number of armed robberies in Nigeria. It recorded 564 armed robbery cases in just one year. This alarming number is evocative of a state in dire need of immediate security succour and protective measures.

FCT-Abuja, another highly-affected state recorded 384 armed robberies. Ebonyi state and Lagos each recorded 370 armed robbery cases while Bayelsa recorded 148. These five states alone account for more than half of the total armed robberies recorded in Nigeria.

The states with the least cases of armed robbery were Kebbi with 30 cases, Nasarawa with 29, Borno with 25, Anambra with 6 and Edo with just 1.

This data is implicative of a serious breach in security within Southern Nigeria. The government and law enforcement agencies should collaborate to enact necessary safety measures in affected areas. Individuals are also advised to be vigilant and report all forms of suspicious activities.

The chart below gives an illustrative breakdown of the armed robbery cases reported in each Nigerian state.

Number of Armed Robbery Cases Per Nigerian State - Databod

Number of Armed Robbery Cases Per Nigerian State – Databod

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