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A recent data from the NBS, revealed that over 103 million internet subscribers were recorded in Q2 2018 in Nigeria.  The total number of internet users increased by 2.5 million which is indicative of a 2.6% quarter-on-quarter increase in the internet subscriber base. With the increasing importance of the telecommunications industry and the growth of data centres in Nigeria, the number of internet subscribers in the country is set to be continuously on the rise

percentage share of data subscribers-databod nigeria

Currently, MTN has the largest share of active voice and data subscribers in Nigeria. In Q2 2018, MTN recorded 66 million voice and 39 million internet subscribers. MTN was followed by GLO with 39.9 million active voice subscribers and 27 million internet subscribers. Likewise, Airtel recorded 39.7 million voice subscribers and 26 million internet subscribers. Also, EMTS recorded 11 million internet and 16 million voice subscribers on its network.

percentage share of voice subscribers-databod nigeria

In addition, Lagos State had the highest number of voice subscribers per State in Q2 2018. Lagos recorded 21 million subscribers, followed by Ogun state with over 98 million subscribers, Kano with almost 8.5 million, Oyo state with about 8.3 million and Kaduna with over 7 million subscribers. These states accounted for the top five states with the highest number of active voice subscribers in Nigeria.

Also, Lagos State had the highest number of active internet subscribers per state in Q2 2018 with 14 million subscribers. Lagos was closely followed by Ogun state with 6.6 million, Oyo with about 5.5 million, Kano with 5 million and FCT-Abuja with 4.7 million internet subscribers respectively. The states with the least number of both voice and data subscribers were Ebonyi and Bayelsa state.

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