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Nigeria Capital Importation Statistics 2017

By February 7, 2019Economy

Imagine for a couple of minutes if you as an individual got an inflow of Money, steady, reliable turnover. What would you do with the money? How many opportunities would flow out of your life? Think about the impact that you’d make in the lives of everyone around you.

Now scale your imagination to a national/country level. And think about the scale of amazing opportunities and economic favor an inflow of Capital would make on the country. That, in a beautiful nutshell, is the point of Capital Importation.
Capital Importation refers to money (in the form of investments) flowing into a certain benefitting nation, in this case, Nigeria.

Capital Importation can be divided into three main Investment types: Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Portfolio Investment and Other Investment.

“Foreign Direct investment occurs when multinational corporations purchase literal tangible assets in the host country. This could come in the form of purchasing a local company outright or building a manufacturing plant locally. There could also be portfolio investment in the host nation’s financial securities. This might include bonds and stocks which may be bought by international banks, foreign residents, insurance companies, pension funds, hedge funds, or other cross-border groups.”Financial Dictionary

By Sector
Capital can be imported in form of shares or directly imported by different sectors of the economy. Capital Importation by shares brought in the largest, most likely through Equity investments, followed by Servicing and Production.

By State
Lagos received the largest Capital Importation. Lagos is the commercial and financial capital of Nigeria, so it is understandable that it is the state that imports the most capital into Nigeria, followed by Abuja.

By Country
Wondering where these Capital Importations came from? That is the source country from which Nigeria imported the most capital. The most capital came from the United Kingdom which accounted for $4.34 billion. The UK has accounted for the highest value of capital importation in almost every time.

Name of Bank Capital Importation (in dollars)
Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc 4,396,778,491
Access Bank Plc 1,475,286,099
Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria Limited 1,304,393,160
Citibank Nigeria Limited 1,260,072,861
Zenith Bank Plc 646,795,160
Fidelity Bank Plc 330,965,817
Rand Merchant Bank 324,436,024
FBN Merchant Bank Limited 265,390,121
Heritage Banking Company Limited 216,577,564
First Bank Of Nigeria Plc 170,913,582
Union Bank of Nigeria Plc 150,504,497
Ecobank Nigeria Plc 117,844,022
United Bank For Africa Plc 97,887,469
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc 76,349,604
JAIZ BANK PLC 55,028,881
Suntrust Bank Nigeria Ltd 50,754,121
First City Monument Bank Plc 42,199,235
Skye Bank Plc 39,325,600
Sterling Bank Plc 37,087,495
Diamond Bank Plc 29,892,995
FSDH Merchant Bank Limited 7,285,637
Keystone Bank Limited 1,150,411
Wema Bank Plc 570,480
Unity Bank Plc 0
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