Lagos State Produces 73% of Sand in Nigeria

By September 13, 2018Economy, General

In 2017, Nigeria produced a total of 2.3million tons of sand. Amongst other states, Lagos stood tall as the largest producer of the resource. Sand is the only solid mineral resource that Lagos produces and this it does en masse. It produced a whopping 1.7million tons of this resource accounting for about 73% of the total sand production in Nigeria.

Trailing Lagos, is Rivers state which produced over a hundred and four thousand tons. Anambra followed suit with a difference of just 293 tons. Delta state produced 72 thousand tons while Ondo state produced approximately 69 thousand tons.

The states with the least production of sand were Kogi with about 2700 tons, Gombe with 2000 tons, Bauchi with 1900 tons, Adamawa with 1500 tons and Plateau with just 554 tons.

However, quite a number of states failed to produce even a single ton. These states include Abia, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River, Ebonyi, Jigawa, Oyo, Sokoto, Yobe, Zamfara and Abuja.

Sand along with cement and gravel are important materials required for building construction. Its importance to Nigeria, a country with an estimated deficit of over sixteen million units in housing supply, cannot be overemphasized. To meet the accruing demand, the nation needs to increase production of the commodity. This can be achieved by incorporating new excavation techniques and utilizing modern equipment.

The table below provides detailed insight on the corresponding quantity of sand produced per state.

1 LAGOS 1,745
2 RIVERS 105
4 DELTA 72
5 ONDO 69
6 EDO 48
7 EKITI 36
8 KANO 32
9 IMO 26
10 OSUN 25
11 KADUNA 24
14 BENUE 13
15 BORNO 11
16 OGUN 10.5
17 TARABA 10.2
18 KEBBI 5
19 KWARA 4.7
20 ENUGU 4
21 NIGER 3.3
22 KOGI 2.7
23 GOMBE 2
24 BAUCHI 1.9
25 ADAMAWA 1.5
26 PLATEAU 0.6

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