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Statistics show that your property is more liable to be stolen in Lagos than in any other state in Nigeria. For a fact, there are at least six times more property thefts in Lagos than in other states.

What’s more alarming is that property theft is the most popular crime in Nigeria. One out of every five crime cases recorded is a theft case. In 2017, Nigeria recorded a whopping total of 32,330 theft cases within her states. This shows just how rampant this menace has become in our society.

Following Lagos, Abuja is the second most susceptible state to this crime, recording 2586 theft/stealing cases. Delta state followed with 1586 theft cases, Kano recorded 1385 cases while Ebonyi recorded 1272 cases.

A few states, however, seem to be relatively free from the large magnitude of this societal decadence. Rivers state recorded 121 theft cases, Bauchi recorded 33 cases and Kebbi recorded 27. Even lower, Edo state recorded 20 theft cases while Kogi recorded just 20 theft/stealing cases.

As at the time of collation, no data was ascertained for Nasarawa state.

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