Nigerian bureau of statistics recently released the latest gender statistical data across Nigeria. The data showed a higher percentage in men, with 50.8% of the country’s citizen being men, while 49.2% were women. This is in contrast to the popular belief among Nigerians that the country has more women than men.
In terms of life expectancy, the women have a life expectancy of 51 years, while the men have a life expectancy of 47 years. This means that Nigerians on an average have a life expectancy of 49 years.
The literacy rate among the youth between the ages of (15-24) showed that 70.90% of the men are educated, while 59.3% of the women are educated.
The data also showed very little participation of women in the country’s governance, with the men mostly dominating the majority of the available political positions at the federal, state and local governments.
For further information on the statistical report, check the infographics below.

Gender Distribution

  Gender Representation in Governance

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